Lightweight construction – where precision meets creativity

The philosophy of lightweight construction is simple but visionary. To combine a minimum of weight with a maximum of durability in order to explore endless new possibilities.

Forward thinkers use lightweight construction! There are many good reasons to minimize weight when planning, constructing and manufacturing parts. Lightweight construction saves resources: Raw materials during the production process, weight while constructing and energy while operating. This results in increased efficiency and has also economic and ecological advantages. Moreover, lightweight solutions can be used in different fields as they are extremely multifunctional. Certain functionalities and performances are only possible with the help of lightweight construction.


  • Lightweight construction - where precision meets creativity


Fibre reinforced plastics are our area of expertise.  It is the highest stage of development and also the most extreme means of lightweight construction - We are fascinated by the process of constructing, dimensioning and manufacturing composite parts according to operational demands. Our aim is to find the perfect solution for every challenge. This is why we are not only technology state-of-the-art but also constantly analyzing impulses from science and company research in order to adapt them for our projects. As engineers we work with precision and attention to detail but are also always open for alternative solutions and new ways of thinking. This is the only way to further develop lightweight construction on a basis of well-known technologies - for the client’s benefit.

Only together we can realize your goals. Therefore transparency of the technical and organizational progress in projects - always with regards to deadlines – is as important for us as reliability and quality management. In conclusion it is our name that stands for our performance and your satisfaction.