IDVA and quality

The high demands on engineering services require structured processes and procedures for all operations in the manufacturing of products and in the management of projects.

These are the quality principles we have established at IDVA:

  1. Our clients set the benchmark when it comes to quality.
    During order processing we aim to provide the highest level of customer satisfaction and a maximum benefit for the customer. For this IDVA’s goal is to fulfill the expectations with a view to performance, quality and service.
  2. Economic thinking and acting enables IDVA to ensure company‘s and project‘s economic efficiency.
    To suceed, the efficiency of its own work is an essential condition. To think and act cost- and quality-conscious are the essential preconditions to ensure IDVA’s economic efficiency and the resulting benefit for our customers.
  3. IDVA is a team.
    All employees mutually support each other with the objective to create a maximum customer satisfaction. Each member of staff is measured not only measured by the quality of his performance but also by his contribution to customer satisfaction.